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M-Class Ryzen M-Class Ryzen

Neuron 2019

The order date was 2/19/19 and I received the unit on3/5/2019. The shipping box is epic, a very well built crate that had to go fromFlorida to the West Coast. After un-boxing (which included opening the PC andremoving the special foam inflation packaging...more on that later) and setup,I powered up the unit to find it VERY noisy, like one of the fans wasdefective. I called their 24/7 tech support, and two rings later I got Ignacio.Ignacio was very savvy, was able to set me up with a fan control program(really an overclocking program) and made modifications to the fan rates.Unfortunately the noise persisted, and it appeared that one of the fans mightbe defective, so I girded my loins for an RMA process. On my own I popped openthe case and found one of the braided cables had slipped down and was makingvery light contact with one of the fans, which probably happened when I removedthe inflation packing from the chassis. I tucked it back up into side of thecase and "voila!", a very silent and well running PC. Even thoughIgnacio was not able to get the problem solved, the very quick and professionalresponse gives me confidence in Origin PC. I have owned a Digital Storm PC (anexcellent base model that lasted about 7 years, but now they are a little morepricey than Origin PC) and an iBuyPower Revolt (version 1) that turned out tobe less than stellar (heating and possibly power supply issues) . So far I amvery impressed with the build quality and tech support of Origin PC. I woulddefinitely recommend Origin for your next gaming PC build.

— dpod1968 , 03/09/2019


Origin Experience

I purchased my Origin laptop back in 2015. They put thismachine together very well. I had to have a highly capable machine to run manyprograms for work and school. I needed to run AutoCad, Lunion, Sketchup,Photoshop, Rhino, ArcGis, and many other high rendering and modeling software.My computer has ran like a champ. The only update I need currently since 2015is a new video card. I would highly recommend this company and theirlaptop/computers/customer service/tech support to anybody. I know they are notcheap but I definitely felt the money was well spent. I would like to thinkOrigin for making my life easier with a quality American made product.

— ahoskins723 , 02/26/2019


Simply Outstanding

I purchased my Origin laptop in July. Origin was recommendedby a colleague as a superior-built, American made system with outstandingcustomer service and support. I contacted Origin who was able to answer myquestions about what components and upgrades I should consider based off my ownuse cases. There was one delay in quality as the system was shipping and Originnotified me immediately stating that they did not want an inferior product to besent out to a customer. I was able to receive and quickly move into my newsystem. It truly was a welcome experience with high performance, graphics, andstorage. The quality is well above any Dell or HP that I have been in contactwith recently. I did have one issue about a month ago where my fans wererunning on high constantly. I used the Control Panel software and performancemonitor to troubleshoot that my system was running extremely hot, even while atidle. A quick email to support and I was given several options for resolvingthe issue. The tech was knowledgeable and even provided examples from his ownexperiences on how he was able to resolve similar issues on his own laptop. Thesupport and service provided by Origin was far beyond what I have experiencedin the past and is well worth the price for a high quality, high performancesystem offered by a superior company with outstanding support.

— jdblackx , 02/19/2019


Great Company

After considerable research I decided to purchase my newlaptop from origin. I was looking for a quality laptop and quality support.Service was great from the start, received progress updates as the laptop wasbeing built and tested and I received a week ahead of scheduled delivery time.No issues with the company or the product. Very happy. evo15-s by the way.

— edgar1969 , 02/15/2019

M-Class Intel M-Class Intel

Exceeded even my Highest Expectation

From the beginning when i was researching a trustworthy build company I called up Origin PC just to speak to a sales rep and get a feeling for how they handle customers. The sales rep was incredible and did something I wasn't expecting, he pushed the price down based on recommendations and what's realistically needed instead of trying to haggle price even higher which I experienced from other PC build companies. I called a further 2 times and asked every question I could think of and they eagerly answered and even sounded like they enjoyed their job, including giving a realistic time frame when it will ship. The PC was shipped in 7 business days and was kept up to date every step of the way by their employee Oliver. I received the PC 5 days ago and have had no issues, it came pristine with no unneeded software. The cable management is carefully done and professional, and most importantly, easy to open and upgrade things on my own. I never write reviews for anything but I feel they deserved to be praised.

— AngeloLove12 , 02/12/2019

L-Class L-Class

You Guys Are the Best

I can't thank you enough for all your help. You are the best computer company I have ever dealt with, Thanks so much.

— marilynthebeach , 02/01/2019

L-Class L-Class

Excellent Customer Support

I purchased an Origin PC which arrived shortly before the holidays. It was top of the line, and when I received it, I couldn't wait to put it through its paces. My gaming experience was incredible for a couple of days, when games started crashing and I started to see artifacting on the screen. I contacted Origin PC Support, and the support I received was phenomenal. They worked with me over the holiday season to identify the root problem. They sent me a replacement graphics card (which we ultimately determined was the problem), and with the replacement, I am up and running with the best PC I have ever owned. I have worked in the semiconductor industry in the past, and I know it is possible for failures to happen no matter how careful you are on testing. Unfortunately, it happened to me, but I do appreciate Origin PC's support to do what it takes to solve the problem.

— DarthDQ , 01/22/2019

L-Class L-Class

Titan Black NVidia Video GPU failure

Bought a system from Origin 4 years ago and had first major problem a few weeks ago. Origin Tech Support team did a fantastic job advising and(patiently) assisting me in identifying the fact that one of my two cards (in SLI config) had gone bad. Great job - would still be randomly BSODing without their help..."

— GP07085 , 01/22/2019

M-Class Intel M-Class Intel

Streamlined process

The estimated ship date was spot on, my Origin Neuron came just the way I order it protected in a wood crate, and I had a personal representative help me throughout the whole process

— chaitea18 , 12/27/2018

L-Class Intel L-Class Intel

Amazing quality, great service!

Wow! My PC buying experience couldn't have been better! The build quality and service Origin PC provides are the best you're going to find anywhere! I got updated every step of the way. They told me the estimated ship date would be 14 days after the start of my order, and they hit it right on the mark! The wooden crate armor Origin PC ships your PC in is just one of the many extras that set them above the rest. They genuinely care the PC arrives in perfect condition, so the customer experience is the best it can be. Mine couldn't have been better! Thank you, Origin PC! I'm proud to be a new member of the Origin PC family!

— DavidHHagen , 12/25/2018